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About Us

About Us

Firstep Glass Co. is the Exporter of Industrial Glassware and Laboratory Glassware which are best in the Quality with high Durability which can work under high temperature (300°C) and high pressure.

  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 
  • Our products are made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3, which are highly corrosion resistant and durable during different Chemical processes.
  • We provide various Glassware like Flasks (Spherical and Cylindrical), Heat Exchangers, Gold Refining Plants, Columns, Jacketed Vessels, Toughened Glass, Complete Distillation units, Beakers, Condensers, Funnels, Burettes etc. We also provide Customized Glassware and high Pressure Glass vessels too.
  • We are also providing Laboratory Equipments like pH meter, Viscometer, Double Distillation Unit, Hot Plates, Rotary Evaporators, Vacuum Pump, etc. 
  • Our products are widely used in companies like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Essential Oils, Bulk Drugs, Fine Chemicals, Fragrance & Aromatics, Intermediate Drugs & Dyes, Dairy, Petrochemicals, Refineries, National Research Laboratories, Food & Drugs Laboratories, etc..
  • Our company believes in providing best quality products. And we are providing our products in different countries (like USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, DENMARK, SOUTH - AFRICA, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, POLAND, UK, THAILAND, IRAN, EGYPT, KENYA, CZECH REPUBLIC, Etc.) and have received excellent response from these countries. 



Glass Pipe Line Components, Column Components, Glass Reaction Vessels upto 300Ltrs, Glass or PTFE Lined Stirrers, Heat Exchangers, Distillation units like Fractional Distillation units - FDU, Reflux Reaction Cum Distillation units- RRDU, Flanges, Structure Parts, Heating Mantles, Heating & Cooling Bath, etc.


Beakers, Conical Flasks, Kettles, Volumetric Flasks, Round Bottom Flasks, Reagent Bottles, Burettes, Condensers, Measuring Cylinder, Desiccator, Petri Dishes, Separating Funnels, Pipettes, Test Tubes, Jacketed Kettles, Soxhlet Extractors, Kjeldahl  Distillation Assembly, Filtration Assembly, etc.


pH Meter, Rotational Viscometer, Double Distillation Unit, Rotary Evaporators, High Temperature Thermometers, Multi Size Heating Mantles, Lab Motors, Electric Hot Plates, Ultrasonic bath, Vacuum Pump, Rotameter, etc. 


Triple Jacketed Reactor, Small Jacketed Vessels from 100ml to 1Ltr, Amber Bottles, Pressure Vessels, Customized Glass Vessels (Like 30Ltr, 75Ltr, 150Ltr, 250Ltr), Customized Jacketed Vessels, Pressure Sight Glass, Etc.


Our Company Details:

Business Type             : Exporter

Type of Firm                 : Proprietorship

Proprietor Name          : Mr. Pratham Kaushik

Export Market              : All over the world

GST TIN No.                 : 24DLLPK8649N1Z8

IEC Code                       : 3416501381

ISO Certificate No.      : 19DQEK81