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Distillation Overhead Assembly For GLR

Capacity For GLR upto 5KL
Usage/Application Over Glass Lined Reactors
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Product Type Biochemical Analysis, Biology Lab Equipment
Design Type Customised
Is It Customized Customized

Over – GLR Glass Assemblies are used for a general purpose distillation process which is to be operated at atmospheric pressure or vacuum. Vapours from the Glass Lined Reactor (GLR) rise through the column and enter into condensers. Condensed Material then after gets either refluxed back or collected into a receiver flask.

This type of unit is consisting of adaptor plate, bellow with flange, column sections, Heat Exchangers, Pipe line components, vent valves, reflux line, receiver flask and drain valve.

This unit is available for GL Reactors of capacity 500Ltr. to 3000Ltr. These Glass Assemblies can be designed as per the Clients” requirements.

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