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Essential Oil Steam Distillation Apparatus

Usage/ApplicationFor Essential Oil Distillation
MaterialBorosilicate Glass
Design TypeStandard, Customised
CapacityUpto 20Ltrs
Temperatureupto 200 Deg Celcius
Heating sourceHot Plate

Essential Oil Steam Distillation Kit List: 1 x 1500w Electronic Stove (AC 120V~220V) 1 x Lab Iron Stands Set 1 x 2000ml Double Neck Boiling Flask 1 x 2000ml Filling Flask 1 x Distillation Head With 50/40 And 24/29 Ground Joint 1 x 300mm Coil Condenser with S35 And 24/29 Joint 1 x Receiver/separatory Funnel with Teflon Stopcock,24/29 Joint 1 x Glass Stopper 24/29 2 x Plastic Clip 24/29 1 x Plastic Clip 45# 1 x Stainless Steel Clip S35 1 x Rubber Hose 2 Meters   

Functions: – Separate the liquid mixture. – Assay the boiling point of pure compounds. – Purification and distillation. – Recover solvents,or steamed part of the solvent out to enrichment solution.

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