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Glass Reflux Reaction Cum Distillation Unit

Capacityupto 200 Litres
MaterialBorosilicate Glass
Brand/MakeFirstep Glass
Design TypeCustomised, Standard
Body MaterialGlass and Steel
Country of OriginMade in India

This distillation unit is widely used in different laboratories for analyzing and collecting the distillated product. RRDU can be used as fractional distillation or relational distillation or a combination of both reactions. The offered Reflux Reaction Cum Distillation Unit are durable and ptovide high performance, high stability and competitive market price.

This is a versatile unit and can be used as a Reaction Distillation Unit, Fractional Distillation Unit or a combination of both. All features of Reaction Distillation Unit and Fractional Distillation Unit are incorporated.

RRDUs are available in vessel Capacities of 20L, 50L, 100L & 200L, and 300Ltr and are suitable for operation under atmospheric pressure, full vaccum and high temperature.

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